Achmad Yani MUN 2021


Greeting delegates!🙌🏻

We are proud to announce that the Last Phase Registration for the Achmad Yani MUN (AYMUN) 2021 is now OPEN!

We are coming back with our grand theme: “Strengthening International Peace and Security in the Midst of Global Catastrophe”

AYMUN 2021 will be held on:

Date: April 9th – 11th, 2021 (3 Days Conference)

Place: Ibis Hotel, Bandung, Indonesia (Offline MUN)

Special Notes: Strict Health Protocol & Licensed by the Local Covid-19 Task Force

Feel free to choose the councils based on the topics you are interested in;

  1. UNEP – “Marine Preservation: Eradication of Oxygen less Ocean and Sustainable Finishing”
    •Council Level: Beginner/First Timer
  2. UNHRC – “The Rights of Religious Based Countries: A Dilemma of Human Right Violation for Countries”
    •Council Level: Beginner/First Timer
  3. DISEC – “The Implementation of Precautionary Principle on the Deployment of Lethal Autonomous Weapon”
    •Council Level: Intermediate
  4. CRISIS COUNCIL – “Battle of the Pacific”
    •Council Level: Advanced

The fee is only Rp 1.550.000 for Full Accomodation Package
or Rp 800.000 for Non-Accomodation.

Furthermore, you may use this referral code: (Your Referral Code) to get 10% discount of the delegate’s fee✨

Register and secure your spot NOW!

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to ask us through Instagram DM to

For further information:
Line: @080dkjii




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