Kritik Postkolonialisme Terhadap Dominasi Negara Barat dalam Isu
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Nuclear proliferation becames a sensitive issue in the international affairs. US and other Western coun- tries belief that nuclear proliferation can induce instability at world security condition. This becomes a justification for those countries to implementing restriction for the third world countries from using the nuclear energy for security reason. This condition seems an effort to preserve the “atomic colonializa- tion” which is just only the western or advance industrial state who has legitimation for used nuclear energy. Postcolonial perspective sees the NPT that became global rules for nuclear proliferation as an in- strument from western countries to dominated third world states at nuclear issues. Nuclear taboo primary used for military purpose directly reproduce to prevent the third world developing the nuclear weapon which western states fear they used it for hostile to them. They believe that if the third world has nuclear weapon it would be like a little kid that has grenade which they can use it irrationally.

Keywords : Nuclear, NPT, Postcolonialism, Dominated.